Victor Keats is a leading authority in this field, having travelled extensively to study the world's finest collections.

Ivory India chessmen with turned, carved and viridian stained ivory on one side and natural ivory on the opposing side. A similar set belongs to the London Museum and was presented by James II of England to Samuel Pepys, seventeenth century.

100 Hardback 240 pages 323 illustrations


"Chessmen for Collectors by Dr Victor Keats M.Phil Ph.D. has a good claim to be the best book of its kind the world has seen. There have been about ten collections of fine photographs of chessmen and twice as many histories of chess but this outdoes the lot in extensiveness of coverage and sheer beauty of production.

The 320 photographs in black and white or colour range from eight to tenth century Arabian chessmen to the set presented by James II to Samuel Pepys and onto American and other sets. SUMPTUOUS. Worth the price." The Daily Telegraph

Illustrated Guide to World Chessmen Reviews Continued...

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