Dr Victor Keats M.Phil Ph.D. is a bibliophile of Hebrew and other antiquarian chess books.

He is an itinerant University lecturer on the subject of Hebrew literature and the history of chess, in which subject he was awarded the degree of Master of Philosophy.

Dr Keats is a Research Fellow of the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at University College, London and also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Dr Victor Keats has lectured at The British Museum.

Lectures and Exhibition under auspices of the Hochschule fur Angewandte Kunst, Wien. Loan catalogue, illustrations antiquarian books etc. Chess journals, secular International and English journals, various articles by or concerning Victor Keats.

Chess History main lecturer at Conference of Chess Collectors International in Munich and New York (Metropolitan Museum). Lectures and Colloquia at European universities including: Dresden University; Vienna University; "Initiative Kelkheim" Group, Frankfurt; Research meetings of academics specialising in Chess History, Sculptures and Carvings etc.

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