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"No serious collector should be without access to Chessmen for Collectors by Dr Victor Keats M.Phil Ph.D." The Observer

Florentine ivory chessmen depicting Good versus Evil, nineteenth century.

"All games are a form of war, but none so transparent nor so fierce as chess. It is played all over the world, its complexity seems to justify the outlay of time, craftsmanship and money that can turn its pieces into works of art. This detailed review article on Chessmen for Collectors by Dr Victor Keats M.Phil Ph.D. goes into great detail in describing the various carved and sculpted chess sets that are described in this book. It is combined with a personal interview with the author." The Sunday Times Magazine

"This contains a short history of chess and detailed and highly coloured illustrated description of the chessmen contained in The Illustrated Guide to World Chessmen, and coloured illustrations from that book are reproduced in this British Airways magazine." Highlife British Airways Magazine

"Highly illustrated article" Highlife Magazine

"Carved sculptures in chessmen, highly illustrated." The Property and Investment Magazine

Illustrated Guide to World Chessmen Reviews Continued...

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