The Illustrated Guide to World Chessmen is based on original research which included firsthand study of all the main collections of chessmen in museums and private hands. Its contribution to knowledge lies in the comprehensiveness and systematic lucidity with which the development of chess sets is charted chronologically in each chapter. As indicated in the foreword, the book has become the DEFINITIVE PUBLICATION on the subject, the most widely-used reference work for auction houses, collectors and all interested in its field.

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Nature and significance of works

In relation to the shapes of chessmen the disciplines of literature, history and art subjects are demonstrably more interrelated than in other subjects. All of the publications and work submitted are the result of my sole authorship.

Accounts of the significance of the books are outlines in the forewords, prefaces and opening pages and are self-explanatory. Therefore they are not repeated here.

"The Illustrated Guide to World Chessmen" (New York: St Martins Press 1985), (British version "Chessman for Collectors", London: Batsford) deals mainly with 19th century sculpture and carvings but also provides a comprehensive survey of the design of chess pieces from earlier times to the 20th century. It is the only survey of this nature and scope to have been published to date.

This book has 50 Colour Plates and 274 Black and White Illustrations

The following books described below and on the next page embrace the disciplines of History, Literature and Sculptural Art in their relation to Chess.

The volumes Chess, Jews and History Vol I, Chess: Its Origin Vol II and Chess among the Jews Vol III constitute a trilogy, in which the material of Chess in Jewish History and Hebrew Literature is expanded and made more accessible to the non-specialist reader. All these books contain prefatory sections indicating their scope.

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