Section 1 Continued

The connection initiated by Hisdai Ibn Shaprut with the Golden Age of Jewish culture in Spain and the Khazar Khan Joseph, which resulted in trade and cultural connection.

Chess history is able to rely upon but little factual literature.

My book brings to light a significant quantity of additional, hitherto unpublished, literature; also many more translations previously unpublished in English.

It contains a significant new contribution to our knowledge about the beginning of chess and its development under Muslim rule in Spain….

Chess flowered further with the transmission of superior Arab culture which was encouraged by early Christian monarchs….

DE LUDIS ORIENTALIBUS, THE BOOK OF ORIENTAL GAMES by Sir Thomas Hyde (Oxford 1694). The first book written in Europe specifically about the history and origin of chess, was written mainly in Latin and Hebrew and has never before been translated into English yet is the Bible and source of all subsequently written chess history.

LIBROS DE AXEDREZ DADOS Y TABLOS (1284) of Alfonso X of Spain. The most highly illustrated book of games and chess problems, was really a translation written by Zag Isaac Ibn Sid and his contemporaries.

Chess: Its Origins Volume II - Section 1 Continued...

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