The book details Luis de Lucena (1497) who was, unquestionably, a Jew "Repetición de Amores".

Isaac Zag Ibn Sid and other named Hebrew translators of the Arab writing attributed chess to King Alphonso X of Castille (1283 AD).

Chess, Jews and History contains among some twenty new sources of writings with full chess details. Examples of these are fully quoted in Hebrew and translated into English.

The publication stresses the social atmosphere background of history with fully authenticated sources and references (e.g. Luis de Lucena "The Marrano", hidden Jew in the Spanish Inquisition - 1497 AD).


Part I: Overview: Thomas Hyde, the first serious chess historian, Steinschneider, Van de Linde and Murray. Anonymous treatise, The King's Delight: Views and Judgements: Two stories from Ma'aseh Book: Moses Mendelssohn and Lessing's Nathan the Wise: Zevi Uri Rubinstein: Léon Hollænderski, Délices royales: Jacob Eichenbaum, The Struggle.

Part II: Introduction to Talmud, Texts and Commentaries: Where and When did Chess Start: Alexander's game: An Enigmatic Board Game: 2 Exegetic Curiosities.

Part III: The Spanish Period of the golden ages of Hebrew and Arabic early chess writings: Arab and Jew: Moses Cohen, Disciplina Clericalis: Judah Halevi, Ha-Kuzari: Chess in Verse, Abraham Ibn Ezra: Bonsenior Ibn Yehya Ibn Ibrahim Al-Hakin: The new chess, Luis de Lucena: Ruy Lopez: Shlomo Ben Mazel Tov.

£26 Hardback 402 pages 100 illustrations

Chess, Jews and History Volume I Reviews

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