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"Presenting material in Hebrew, Aramaic and Pahlavi, much of it accessible hitherto only to the specialist, Dr Keats M.Phil Ph.D. ponders the issue.

An utterly fascinating anthology of Jewish poetry and prose dealing with chess from the early Middle Ages to modern times.

Volume II - Chess: Its Origin consists of a commentary on and partial translation of the Latin and Hebrew in Thomas Hyde's De Luis Orientalibus published in Oxford in 1694.

Hyde shares Keats' absorption in the history and meaning of the pieces.

The books present a mad feast of learning, sumptuously illustrated. May the winter evenings before us be log and silent and all my Keats' rooks reach the seventh rank." The Observer Sunday Newspaper

"Victor Keats has produced the best book ever written on the subject. It will stand as a classic among chess histories.

Here is an academic writer who has managed to produce a very readable book, well produced and clearly laid out in an attractive format." Los Angeles Times, California and syndicated to 30 USA Newspapers

"The final volume of the Dr Victor Keats M.Phil Ph.D. trilogy is devoted largely to an excellent translation of Steinschneider's chapter in Van der Linde's Book. An extensive laudatory review. In summary, this is a useful reference source, brilliantly translated, and handsomely presented." Book Review, The Chess Collector by Ken Whyld

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