Volume I - Chess, Jews and History

Volume II - Chess: Its Origin - A translation with commentary of the Latin and Hebrew in THOMS HYDE'S De Ludis Orientalibus (Oxford, 1694)

Volume III - Chess among the Jews - A translation and explanation of the work of MORITZ STEINSCHNEIDER

Ivory Indian chessmen, chariots and juggernauts, late eighteenth century.

How and where did Chess start? Who first sat down over pieces on a marked surface and moved them against each other? Was it made in one go, or did it evolve over a period, with people adding pieces and moves as they went along?

Considering that Chess is one of the finest achievements of the human mind, these are questions that cry out to be answered.

They probably never will be, because written documents from that time do not exist. There were no manuals, or they haven't survived. When first we see references to Chess in surviving literature, it is used as an analogy for problems in other spheres, such as morality or political and military questions.

Overview Continued...

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